1. Siblings Love

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  2. Archicine 

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  3. Petra Pan: The Girl Who Wouldn’t Grow Up

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  4. Guilty Crown 

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  7. The Earthsea_Studio Ghibli

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  8. Look Down by Kazu Tabu

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  9. ashmackenzie:

    Here’s a little spot illustration I did for the August issue of Canadian Lawyer Magazine. The article was about how legal battles between parents can lead to family violence and the full article can be found HERE. Thanks to AD William Hunter!

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  10. Wind

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  11. Watercolor cities by Sunga Park (posted by Marco)

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  12. Cut-outs Animation

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  13. Studio Ghibli Jumper

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  14. Ófærufoss, Iceland  - Start of Something New

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  15. My Hero

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